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Anxiously anticipating your big walk down the aisle?

Reset your metabolism, slim down your silhouette
and get healthy with naturally boosted energy!

Aura Unveiled is not just a fairytale...
“Once in a lifetime” moments come occasionally, but an Aura Unveiled body will slim your figure for endless moments of marital bliss!
Allow us to walk you away from your alterations and towards a renewed health state with a slimmer figure that will truly leave you glowing!

We have created a customized 30-day Rapid Weight Loss Program which has been tailored to accommodate the specific needs of a Bride to Be.  We offer the following services as options in Aura Unveiled:

  • Rapid Weight Loss Program
  • Medication Assisted Weight Loss
  • Lipotropic Injections to Maximize Fat Burning Capacity
We customize your weight loss plan to your personal needs and timeline.

Most Brides lose 20-30 pounds on
our 30 day Rapid Weight Loss Program!


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