Ticket Purchase FAQ's

The information below answers the most frequently asked questions regarding ticket purchases. If you have a ticket question that is not addressed here, please email tickets@houstonweddingshowcase.com

NOTE:If you are purchasing tickets on the DAY OF THE SHOW and experience difficulty, please come to the show and visit the box office.  Please do not call or email on the day of the show.

I just purchased tickets. What happens next?  
Once you have clicked the Purchase Tickets button, you will be taken to a screen that contains a link to your tickets. You will also receive an email with a link to your tickets.  If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder. If the screen with the link to your ticket did not appear and you did not receive the email, please email tickets@houstonweddingshowcase.com and provide your name and the show date.
A duplicate ticket order appears on my credit card statement, or I printed my tickets and received more than I ordered.
This typically happens when the purchase button is clicked more than once. Email tickets@houstonweddingshowcase.com and we will cancel the duplicate order. Keep and use the lowest numbered tickets and the others will be canceled. In your email, provide the show date and the name under which the tickets were purchased.
I'm having trouble printing my tickets.
If you cannot print your tickets, write down your ticket numbers and bring to the box office during show hours.
May I show the tickets on my smart phone?
Yes, just show your phone at the door.
What if I have an unused ticket or cannot attend the show?
Tickets are non-refundable, but unused tickets may be used at a future show or given to someone else.
Does a Promotion Code discount apply to every ticket I purchase?
Yes, you may purchase multiple tickets at the same time and the discount will apply to each ticket purchased.
I entered an Promotion Code and did not receive the discount.
Check the email that you receive after you have purchased tickets and this will show the amount you were charged. Note that the ticket price does not change on the purchase screen, but with a valid Promotion Code you will be charged the reduced price for each ticket you purchase. If you entered a Promotion Code and did not receive the discount, please make sure the Promotion Code is for the show for which you are purchasing tickets. If everything is correct and you still did not receive the discount, please purchase your tickets again and email tickets@houstonweddingshowcase.com and we will cancel your first order.

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